I WANT YOU TO KICK ASS AT LIFE- YES, YOU! I know you can; now it’s time for you to know you can! You can create beautiful life, you can have fulfilling relationships, you can live the life you have always dreamt of. I created The Shift for this reason with real tools to help you navigate this fast paced world.

This course is personal and unique, a dive into your individual journey. No matter where you are at in your journey, this course will undoubtedly Shift your life.

Join me, start your SHIFT TODAY! You are ready & the time is now!

What is The Shift?


The Shift is a head, heart and body breakthrough. Finally a one stop shop for balancing ALL of you!


Like many of you, at different points in my life, I’ve battle with deep depression & struggled with severe anxiety. I was also in a toxic marriage, a slew of dead end jobs and drowning myself in loads of self loathing, quietly shaming myself for not having done “good enough.” Until one day, what felt like my darkest hole yet, I was exhausted on all levels, emotionally, physically & mentally exhausted, enough was enough, I said to myself, “Amie, you have a choice, stay here in your deep dark hole or get your sh**t together & start making changes, it’s 100% up to you.”  So I did,

I was desperate; and I knew that ANYTHING would be better than where I was so I QUIT! Making the hardest decision I had ever made in my life I walked away from everything I new and I everything I thought I was.

My inner voice, my fire, my gut said, its time and I kid you not within seconds of making that deliberate decision in my heart, my shift had begun. I instantly felt lighter, more focused and aware. However, after a day or two the nostalgia wore off and reality set in. “Oh, you mean I have to do more than “quit that sh**t, you mean just saying, “yeah, I’m happy” wasn’t enough!

UGH, I didn’t know what steps to take at first, I was unclear, overwhelmed but at the same time reminded myself of my true “why”: “I refused to live an unhappy life anymore!”

Change happens
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So, I started reading empowerment books & self-help articles, then attended seminars & workshops & even took on a life coach. The best of the best, I was finally investing in ME. I was addicted, couldn’t get enough I became a “self help” junkie! 

It was like a whole new world opened up that I never new existed. The truth is it wasn’t easy at first, breaking old habits & patterns was challenging, but I was determined, I was on a quest to live a happy life. And the more I focused, the more I practiced different types of tools & techniques the easier it got, but I still felt like something was missing. I had pieces of the puzzle but there was no glue, no grounding. I still felt empty, unfulfilled and UNHAPPY!

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks, HOLY SH**T- I came to realize the missing and most crucial puzzle piece…..I was so busy studying the science & psychology of the brain, so busy building my "perfect life" so I could get the "perfect job", meet my "perfect person" I was connected to the outside & not so much on the inside.....

This was such a foreign concept to me but once I made this amazing Shift in my life my energy was high, my focus was clear and my heart was open.

Now I’m going to share something with you that is profound. Honestly I'm a bit embarrassed to share, but I have a feeling I am not alone and that's why I feel I must.

Something that at first may seem completely unbelievable, but I can say this with conviction because I AM LIVING PROOF! 

This was the number one reason for my stress, anxiety, frustration and depression


Once I made this commitment to myself my entire life SHIFTED.

Opportunities opened up and abundance and life changing experiences poured in.

It catapulted my life into consciousness beyond belief.

Once YOU welcome this in, YOUR life will be forever changed

Are you ready?

I learned to LOVE MYSELF! I KNOW - RIGHT! Can you believe it! 

           I Am. You Are. Together, We are Change.

I have been servicing the health & wellness community for over a decade, after working with thousands of people one on one using my philosophy of creating balance between our head, heart and body, truly seeing the results of healthier happier lives I’m super excited to offer you this online course.

I’m excited to guide you through your own personal Shift, to This involves fun and effective exercises within the conscious and unconscious mind from cognitive exercises, spirituality & mind and body healing.


I’ve worked with clients from many different backgrounds with all kinds of desires to Shift- more success, financial abundance, happiness, the love of their lives, or an inspired life vision— no matter where you are in your journey- The SHIFT is a perfect opportunity to connect to your highest self AND create a sustainable way of living a more balanced life. My methods have had a 90% success rate in reducing stress, liberating limiting beliefs, restoring confidence and creating a healthy, balanced life with ease, in this fast paced world.



Reading the best books isn’t enough, changing your zip code isn’t enough, changing your partner isn’t enough; the best way to have lasting change is to reset your mind, restore your confidence and reclaim you life.


So many of you complain about not having enough money, this is the perfect way to break down those blocks, unlock the chains so that you can truly transform the consciousness that created your current circumstances and connect you deeply to SELF LOVE and a SUSTAINABLE way to live the life you desire and deserve.

You’ve heard it time and time again— the one thing people regret most at the end of their lives is not having lived a life of love and compassion, of their choosing, so now you get to choose your life.

The Shift is a kick ass program that guides you through ways to connect your HEAD, HEART and BODY & to create BALANCE so that you can live the vibrant, fulfilling & abundant life that you deserve and desire! 

IF Not NOW, Then When?

Or (pick one)

When is Now a Good Time? 


  • Repeating old habits & patterns

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Negative Thoughts

  • Depression

  • Low Energy & low Self Esteem

  • Not living a full & balanced life


  • Create new & healthy patterns & habits

  • Think more positively

  • Communicate more clearly

  • Live with Confidence

  • Build Self Worth & Self Esteem 

  • Connect to your Purpose

What You Get

Module 1

Getting Clear About Where You’re At and Where You Want To Be

Repainting your picture

Tools for a better understanding:

  • Your relationship between thoughts and emotions

  • Connection to Subconscious & Conscious mind

Our Fundamental needs and how to fulfill them


Inventory of your Inner world


A fun H.I.I.T. with Heart Body Breakthrough

Module 2

Shift & Lift Meditation

Discovering your Emotional Fitness Level

Learning to deeply Appreciate yourself 

Tools for clearing:

  • Emotional baggage

  • Turning Criticism into Curiosity

  • Expectations in Appreciation



Module 3

Shift & List Meditation

Forgiveness = Freedom

A fun H.I.I.T. with Heart Body Breakthrough

Module 2

This program is designed to create balance between your head, your heart and your body, so I encourage you to FIRST, follow the guided meditation, THEN do the course work and the best for LAST: move your body through the fun & effective guided workout!

The Shift is a GREAT course for you if you are READY to:



Learn how to "flip the switch" and stop these tendency dead in their tracks



Discover who you really are and finally develop the unstoppable confidence to express the most authentic YOU



Get to the nitty gritty of your conscious mind and deep emotions and understand how to balance them



Stop talking about living your dreams, let go of negative comments and criticism & actually start living the life you desire and deserve



Uncover your true strengths through fun & effective, powerful strengthening and stretching workouts 



Experience more FREEDOM, know the power of the balance between your head, heart and body

What others are saying

"Really helped me explore my edges with honesty"

The Shift was such a wonderful unexpected experience. I love how Amie balanced digging deep into the psyche with loving connection and playfulness so that the experience contained a sense of ease and lightness to it. Any transformation comes with a bit of discomfort and this program was really great at helping me explore my edges with honesty to find and face whatever it is I needed to move through. The exercises were very therapeutic and revealing and I left with tools that I will continue to use on my journey of breaking through my personal areas of struggle. Thank you Amie for sharing your passion, light and infectious positive energy and creating such a supportive and loving program to help me step back into my personal power!"

Layla N.

"Head, Heart and Body- BRILLIANT!"

I've been doing my own personal growth work for some time now and I was so excited to finally see a program that combines ALL three elements in one course! The meditation was grounding, the workbook exercise where powerful and the workout where fun, easy to follow and inspiring. This course was really impactful and I have seen changes in my life already." Joanna W.

Finally- Balance between my job, kids, partner and personal time!

"An incredible experience!  I was able to recognize and release old habits that were no longer serving me. I can now implement useful tools and techniques in my daily life to help me stay focused and balanced between my job, raising a family, my partner and finding time for myself. I now believe that my deepest desires are attainable, that self love is crucial and most importantly I know that I am enough." Sarah M.

What do you get from The Shift, a head, heart and body breakthrough? 

You get your life back.


Imagine starting Day 1: You’ve been feeling anxious, overwhelmed &  frustrated. Tired of lacking passion in your life, you’ve reached a plateau and haven’t found a way through it and keep asking the same question "how can I change I my life?" 


14 days from now: You’re more clear on who you are and what’s been holding you back from reaching your full potential. YOU are the creator of your life, and you’re powerfully finding the breakthroughs amidst the breakdowns. You walk through the world with a KNOWING of who you really are.


21 days from now: You understand that love of one’s self is the highest form of love.  You’re becoming a master at clearing what’s in the way, and what’s been holding you back. You’re walking the world with a heightened awareness of your integrity.  You feel complete, you feel confident.


28 days from now: You’ve made a commit to a bigger vision. personal quest that ignites your fire and put you into action steps that will lead you into your desired life, manifesting your dreams with ease and grace.  You feel ALIVE- you feel LOVE.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that YOUR LIFE MATTERS—because you have something to give.


If you INVEST NOW, you’ll get this life changing training for JUST $197.

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Never again say: “Could have, would have, should have” and


NOW is the time to CHANGE the rest of your life!


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Still Not Sure?


No Worries. This Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


If you feel The Shift isn’t for you, I’ll happily refund the cost of your investment. I  stand so firmly behind this work and I know you’ll get immense value from it.

There is seriously no risk. Just think about it…A month from now you can feel more lost, more stressed out, more frustrated with life…


You can try out The Shift and begin to experience the joy, passion and purpose you were meant to feel.  DON’T WAIT.  GET ACCESS NOW!



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