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January 31, 2016

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A time when all I did was say YES!

September 21, 2017

A true story: worth the read:


A time when All I did was say YES!

It was a Tuesday morning and I was sitting at my desk doing my usual “busy work”, break time, I popped open Facebook and the most incredible photo of Mother Nature that I've ever seen appeared before me. I clicked on the link which lead me to an invitation to the Xanadu Life….whats that?


Well the definition of Xanadu is “an idealized place of magnificent beauty” and this photo was definitely what I'd imagine when connected to the word magnificent! I knew in my gut I was ready to step away from my life which at the time felt very empty, toxic & unfulfilling, but I had NO IDEA what was about to happen. I've traveled to over 40 countries & this was the first journey I was about to embark on “truly alone”.


Full of FEAR… ugh, Step one, bought my ticket. A journey alongside 30 complete strangers, my gut telling me YES, my brain telling me “WTF” are you thinking?….

Step two, packed my bags. Time to arrange the 8 hour road trip to get the Grand Canyon. I thought, well, I can do the easy comfortable thing, drive solo, or I can really commit to stepping out of my comfort zone & car pool with complete strangers… “go big or go home” right? So I joined two strangers Melissa & Bogdan for the drive from LA to AZ (newly dating then, married now)!


The first night all 30 of us (this is where I met Heidi & Ryan, founders of The Xanadu Life) this is when I realized many in the group already new each other, friends and couples......we joined in a potluck dinner. We sat on the edge of one of the 7 wonders of the World to witness an incredible sun set over the epic Grand Canyon. Later we laid under the vast expansion of stars