The Shift

An transformational weekend experience designed to release limiting beliefs, reset your mind and reclaim your power while feeling supported in a sacred space. 

Ojai, CA- FALL 2019

What Happens at The Shift ?

​The Shift is a two-day, live event from June 8-9, 2019 in the magical city of Ojai in California. The sessions will be held at a gorgeous oasis in a private home nestled in the woods offering a sacred and supportive setting where you can really get into touch with yourself.


I designed this transformational weekend from my own personal experiences with limiting beliefs and not feeling my life was where I wanted it to be. I achieved my own shift by focusing on the balance between my head, heart and body.


The goal I have is for you to experience similar transformation through an immersive experience which would be harder to achieve through any online program.


My team of elite experts and I are dedicated to enabling you to realize your own greatness by guiding you into your own Shift and equipping you with the tools that allow you to reach your maximum potential even beyond the two days together.

Guest Speakers/Guides 

Mark Harradine

Spiritual Counseling 

Normandie Keith

Kundalini Yoga Guide

The experience will require you to let go of any limiting beliefs by digging deep and expressing your vulnerability amongst the group, so you can purge every fear and excuse and, at last, access the power within you.


But I promise you, if you are open and ready, it will truly be worth it! 


I’ve been leading transformational breakthroughs for over a decade, helping thousands overcome their fears, depression, lack of self doubt & confidence by helping them awaken their own power through body-transforming workouts, yoga, heart-centering meditations and personalized coaching.


Now, I’m sharing these experiences with beautiful beings just like you over the course of one unforgettable weekend called The Shift Breakthrough.

My goal is to help you build an unbreakable foundation to give you the extraordinary life you dream of – a life full of positive thoughts and actions that open the doors to your fullest potential. 

Are you ready for The Shift?  

Get ready for these transformational experiences: 

  • Inspiring teachings targeted to release past habits, remove disruptive thoughts & restore your confidence

  • Daily Heart opening meditations

  • Daily light yoga or hike 

  • Mental exercises to reset your mind and realize your own greatness 

  • Therapeutic healing with top body therapist 

  • Fun, step-by-step exercises to rebuild your trust and communication skills & reclaim your power

  • A Head and Heart Cardio connection to sweat it all out and leave it all on the mat

  • In-person networking connections with other powerful like minded people


If you have ANY questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me:

Look forward to sharing this incredible experience with you !